Hello, there! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Celia Alves,  I am a certified Microsoft Excel Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional awarded.

My academic background is in Mathematics and Education; with nearly two decades of professional experience dedicated to teaching mathematics in junior high and high school. Always an enthusiast of technology, I rarely wasted an opportunity to learn about new digital tools.

Parallel to teaching, I was dedicated to learn how to use different types of software, online applications, and platforms in our ever-growing technological world. While teaching, I often applied the new things I learned to help students integrate mathematical concepts and real-life problems so they could develop their skills set.

After I moved to Canada from Portugal in 2013, I began using the specialized tools in my belt, along with new ones, to build a new career path.

All the pieces of my personal ‘What should I do next?’ puzzle came together when, in two different job positions, I was presented with challenges to design and implement new work systems that would improve the organization’s productivity level.

By developing tools in Excel, Word, and Outlook, I helped those organizations improve their services and profit by considerably reducing time spent on administrative and operational tasks and creating more efficient operational procedures. It was at that moment when I discovered the joy of helping entrepreneurs and professionals make the best use of their time by providing my excel consulting services!

Over the past few years, I have specialized in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications – a standard feature of Microsoft Office products) to automate procedures in Excel and other Microsoft Office apps like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. More recently I have also specialized in Power Query and Power Pivot (two Excel built-in tools) that allow automation of data importing and analysis.

I now devote my time and expertise in building custom tools to offer my Excel consulting services for a variety of businesses and industries.

My clients have achieved financial savings not only by saving time with Automated procedures, but also by eliminating errors upon data entry.

Furthermore, all businesses have data that can be utilized to help its executive teams make timely and informed decisions. I can create interactive dashboards that allow decision-makers immediate access to the business’ key performance indicators.

My mission is to help people save time on routine tasks that can be automated, so they can focus on value-added activities that allow them to grow their companies and have more time to spend with the people they love, doing the things they enjoy most…