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2022-11(Nov) – Topics:
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  • FREE CLASSES online about Excel/VBA/Power Query on my YouTube channel:
    Combining text from cells in the same column in Power Query without combining the whole rows
    •  Presented at the first edition of My Data Summit in September along with more than 30 other MVPs and Excel experts from around the world. My presentation was on the topic “The Excel features and skills you need to automate a reporting procedure.” My Data Summit was a very successful event. I recommend that we keep an eye on it for the next editions.
  • Excel Improvements and New features:
    • Excel for the Web
      New Excel Functions – 14 functions to manipulate text and arrays including TEXTBEFORE / TEXTAFTER, VSTACK / HSTACK, CHOOSEROWS / CHOOSECOLS
      -Power Query Group operations
      Improvements to the connected Power BI experience – for when you notice Excel lagging too much.
      -Add and edit rich text formatting - Rich text formatting allows the user to add formatting to only part of the text within a cell. You can use the ribbon or shortcuts to add the formatting.
      -Sort by color or icon from auto filter menu
      -Edit files with legacy data connections
      -Edit files with legacy Shared Workbook feature
      -Delete chart elements
      -Multiline formula bar
      Check performance
      -Sharing a section of Excel workbook