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2020-09 (September) – Topics:

  • Video Tutorial: Enable Background Refresh property in Power Query in Excel
  • Training offer: Power Query Fundamentals in Excel
  • Excel – improvements and new features:
    • PDF Connector for Power Query
    • Natural Language in Excel
    • Excel Online
    • Date Picker Add-In
    • Excel and Power BI
    • Office Scripts
    • Excel Uservoice
  • Content you do not want to miss:
    • Microsoft’s updated documentation for Power Query
    • API’s in Power Query
    • Power Query Geography And Geometry Functions In Power BI And Excel
  • News:
    • Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates
    • Researchers bring Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel into VR
    • Excel Virtually Global Summit Raises $15,000 For Charities
  • Events:
    • Microsoft Ignite 2020
    • MS Excel Toronto sessions & October SPECIAL EVENT

2020-07 (July) – Topics:

  • Excel dynamic array functions – SORT, SORTBY, SEQUENCE, FILTER, UNIQUE and RANDARRAY
  • Other new Excel formulas – XLOOKUP, XMATCH and LET
  • Excel new features – Sheet View
  • Excel new collection of Data Types
  • Excel mobile version – Insert data from picture
  • Office Scripts – the new programming language that allows the user to create scripts that will run the same way in Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, and Online.
  • Training offer: Power Query Fundamentals in Excel
  • Video Tutorial: The Longest Absence with Power Query and M Code in Excel
  • Presentation Sessions in English:
    • Fundamentals with Tips & Tricks of POWER QUERY (ETL Tool) in Microsoft Excel
    • Power Query Tips and Tricks
    • Speed up your reporting processes with Advanced Filters and VBA
  • Presentation Sessions in Portuguese:
    • Conceitos Básicos de Power Query no Excel
    • Pontos de Atenção ao Unificar Dados no Power Query
  • Excel Events – MS Excel Toronto meetup group next sessions

Client Reviews

Celia is an amazing contractor. She far exceeded my expectations for the job. I would and will use her again and again for any and all similar needs.

Celia was a brilliant contractor; she completed her tasking well in advance of schedule to a high standard. Her level of communication was high and her pricing was fair. I would highly recommend her services.

Chris Hoffman, Cowichan Valley Computer Services - Operator

I had to create a very complex financial spreadsheet that required understanding of mathematics and high-level Excel expertise. There is a lot of complexity to my model and Celia delivered a fantastic job. She was prompt, dedicated, detailed and one week ahead of time. This is a person that I hire again.

Riccardo Ferrari, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Training - Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur
Project: our complete system data entry, invoicing , accounts payable , accounts receivable

Outcomes and advantages: It is time-saving, It simplifies our workflow, It is easy to use, It avoids data entry errors, It produces professional and accurate reports/documents, It provides me with fundamental insights about my business KPIs

The speed in which this project was accomplished was amazing, the overall results outstanding, the time saving was significant . Would highly recommend Celia’s services.

John Cotter - Solve & Excel
The work you did for me is paying off in spades.
So easy now to run all my volume and commission reports.

I met Celia Alves from watching a youtube video on Excel programming. I saw from her video that she had automated some financial statements for other clients.

I realized how powerful her services would be for my company.

Celia understood the challenge immediately and created several solutions that literally reduced the amount of time I spent on creating and disseminating financial information by 10 hours per month.

The work Celia did for me is paying off in spades!
So easy now to run all my volume and commission reports.
Wonderful! I strongly recommend her services. It was a pleasure working with her.

Antonio Carapuço IAF Treasurer Solve & Excel
I decided to work with Celia Alves after looking at the good references about her.

As treasurer of “The International Association for Falconry”, I need an Excel tool to import the income and expense entries from different sources and merge them on a comprehensive scheme to present to our members. The goal was also to facilitate my work and eliminate, as much as possible, the manual work to post all the transactions.

After a short period, I have the right solution. Much easier now!
Many thanks, mission accomplished!

Antonio Carapuço, IAF Treasurer
Francis de La Torre Solve & Excel
Celia is at the top of her game, Excel is a great bit of software but hard to master, and this is where Celia comes in. She really knows her stuff. Very helpful and accommodating, especially as the project grew in complexity.
Francis De La Torre, Certum - Director