Giving Back
to the Community

I owe my evolution as an Excel professional to many other professionals who shared their content. Much of that content is available for free, and I built my knowledge by learning from a mix of free and paid tutorials, courses, books, etc.  

I committed myself to give back to the world some of that goodness that I received from others, and I do that in the following ways:  

Excel automation- Excel Consultant

MS Excel Toronto
Meetup Group

A space where people can come together to connect, share, and learn Excel together.

Live online sessions every two weeks.  

Join as a member for FREE to learn from the best Excel Experts in the world.

Giving Back Solve & Excel

Excel is arguably one of the most omnipresent software pieces in companies globally, big corporations included. Not surprisingly, one of the most demanded skills in the job market is Excel knowledge.

However, too often, people and businesses do not take advantage of this tool’s power and capabilities.

The MS Excel Toronto Meetup Group was born out of the necessity of establishing a space where people can come together to connect, share, and learn Excel together.

Vivek Patel, Dick Moffat, and I believe that creating awareness about Excel’s capabilities constitutes the first step to unlock a new world of possibilities for businesses, big and small. Any professional who learns how to operate Excel confidently will add an exceptionally significant advantage to their employability portfolio.

Teaching Excel users the best practices to use this tool is the last piece needed to unleash Excel’s power.

Anyone can register and attend the meetup sessions live for FREE.

Every session, we have a different presenter with valuable content to share. At the end of the session, there is always some time dedicated to an open microphone for the attendees. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with some of the best Excel Experts in the world and learn from them.

Check the next Meetups, and feel free to join us live! We would love to have you with us.

Speaker At Events

I have learned a lot from others and continue to do so every day. Giving back feels natural to me.

Sharing my knowledge with someone eager to learn has always been a gratifying experience. The best part is when I receive feedback from strangers saying how happy they are for discovering something new at one of my presentations.

On April 12, 2020, I was honored to present to the Pakistani Excel community about Power Query fundamentals.
This session was part of the BITESIZE Learning Program that is free and offers online webinars presented by different experts around the world.

Organized by Alan Murray, this event featured three speakers from around the world sharing awesome Excel tips.

I presented to the Financial Modelling meetup group in Sydney, organized by Danielle Stein Fairhurst. I presented about Advanced Filter in Excel.

Giving Back

I was honored for the opportunity to present the power of Excel
fundamental tools for data analysis to young girls.

I was One of 25 Excel experts invited to take part in this course as a way to help raise much-needed funds for GOAL’s Covid-19 relief work in developing countries.

Speaker at Events
(in Portuguese)

I often volunteer to speak at events where the pu