Custom Excel Files

I will build tailored files that fit your exact business needs.

For example: Client and product databases, inventory and operations management systems, data analysis, data extraction from other sources, and customized reports

Excel Files Improvement and Development

If you already have spreadsheets and systems in place and would like to increase functionality, usability, or efficiency, I will develop what you need by using what you have.

Procedures Automation in Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

If the data or information already exists and needs to be transferred to other files following a logical procedure, I will set up an automated system to do that work for you.

For example: you have an Excel file with client contact information and you have an invoice template file to where you usually page the clients’ information. That tedious task can be done with a click of a button.

Another example: on a periodic basis you need to produce the same PowerPoint presentation with updated information from a certain source. That task can also be streamlined so that at your order the PowerPoint file is generated from a template and filled with the new data.

One more example: you need to send regular emails containing information available on your Excel files. You should not be using your time to copy from one end, paste in the other end and type the same email over and over. All that can be done in just a blink of an eye by clicking a macro button.

Interactive and Informative Dashboards and Reports for Data Analysis

If you have data on business sales, expenses, products, clients, or sales associates’ performances, but you are not using the data to extrapolate information that can help you make decisions, I will build a dashboard with a built-in system that collects and collates new data from your sources. This tool will have interactive and easy-to-read charts that will give you access to the most current numbers for analyzing the efficiencies and performance of your business. I will also help you improve the process of building monthly reports, or make them easier to read by revamping their design.