Custom Excel Files

I will build tailored files that fit your exact business needs.

For example: Client and product databases, inventory and operations management systems, data analysis, data extraction from other sources, and customized reports

Excel Files Improvement and Development

If you already have spreadsheets and systems in place and would like to increase functionality, usability, or efficiency, I will develop what you need by using what you have.

Procedures Automation in Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

If the data or information already exists and needs to be transferred to other files following a logical procedure, I will set up an automated system to do that work for you.

For example: you have an Excel file with client contact information and you have an invoice template file to where you usually page the clients’ information. That tedious task can be done with a click of a button.

Another example: on a periodic basis you need to produce the same PowerPoint presentation with updated information from a certain source. That task can also be streamlined so that at your order the PowerPoint file is generated from a template and filled with the new data.

One more example: you need to send regular emails containing information available on your Excel files. You should not be using your time to copy from one end, paste in the other end and type the same email over and over. All that can be done in just a blink of an eye by clicking a macro button.

Interactive and Informative Dashboards and Reports for Data Analysis

If you have data on business sales, expenses, products, clients, or sales associates’ performances, but you are not using the data to extrapolate information that can help you make decisions, I will build a dashboard with a built-in system that collects and collates new data from your sources. This tool will have interactive and easy-to-read charts that will give you access to the most current numbers for analyzing the efficiencies and performance of your business. I will also help you improve the process of building monthly reports, or make them easier to read by revamping their design.

Data Input Systems

Working with certain files can be very time-consuming if there are many columns

and sheets to scroll through and switch between. Efficiency is lost with time and data entry errors. In some situations, this problem can be solved by creating a form that makes data entry easier. I will build these forms in both new and existing files.

Examples of work systems I created:

  • Customized forms to facilitate data entry of client information
  • Automatic data transfer from all the files in a folder to a specific spreadsheet
  • Dynamic data reports and dashboards
  • Automatic generation of statements of account
  • Automatic generation of tax receipts
  • Automatic filling of client and product information on invoices and posterior exportation to PDF format being automatically sent to the customer by email
  • Automatic generation of emails with customized text and attached files
  • Posting a batch of invoices by transferring data from Excel to QuickBooks

What you can expect from my services


Files will be set up to avoid the same data being entered more than once. Any files requiring data from another file will be able to retrieve it themselves (well… you may need to push a button or two).


Files will be prepared to, as much as possible, validate the data you enter to avoid errors in data entry. This will save you time later, and it will allow all the system pieces to integrate and work smoothly as a whole.

What you can expect from my services

Files will be set up to avoid the same data being entered more than once. Any files requiring data from another file will be able to retrieve it themselves (well… you may need to push a button or two).


Besides doing what you need them to do, macros will also test that the necessary data is in place and entered correctly, and be prepared to deal with foreseeable errors.

Example 1: If the macro needs a date in a specific cell and the user forgets to enter that information, the macro will advise the user to enter the information before continuing.

Example 2: If the macro has to open a specified file and, for some reason that file cannot be found, instead of producing an error and being interrupted, the macro will deal appropriately with that issue without disrupting its process.


Any system I create will be accompanied by instructions so you and your team can quickly learn how to use the tool and troubleshoot any issues. Online training will also be provided when necessary.


If you already have a system in place, I will use it as much as possible in the new build to minimize the time you and your team will need to learn how the new files work. However, I will propose a new file or system layout when I see it would be beneficial for you.


The file aesthetics will also be taken care of to provide you with an easy and enjoyable work tool.


The files will be tested as much as possible before delivery and I will support you and your team until the system is working as desired. I will also be available in the future to assist you with any maintenance or upgrading your files might need.


If your old files need to be replaced, leading to a period when those files cannot be used while data is being transferred, I can work around your schedule to avoid work disruptions.


I understand how vital each business’ data are for their competitiveness, and that business owners are accountable for the information they keep about their clients, vendors, and associates. All the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

We commissioned Celia Alves to carry out a data analysis task, which stretched Excel to its limits.

We’ll be using the results of the task to determine how much to spend acquiring new customers (so a fairly fundamental metric that can literally determine the success or failure of our business going forward).

What Celia produced, and the way she went about producing it, has given us the confidence to completely trust her analysis. Her insights throughout made me realise that had we chosen someone else, the chances are the results would have been completely unreliable.

I have no doubt that Celia is capable of handling even the most complex and sensitive of data analysis tasks. If accuracy is a must for you, then think seriously about hiring a low-cost freelancer or someone who tries to persuade you everything can be done with a script (I thought our project could have been handled by a script initially – with hindsight I’m very glad we didn’t go that route because it was Celia’s experience that pointed out anomalies that no script could have accounted for).

I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers and rarely do things like ‘communication’, ‘adherence to deadlines’ and ‘co-operation’ separate them. Nor does the quality of work for simple tasks. However, when you have a complex task, that requires absolute professionalism and a lot of relevant experience, finding the a suitable freelancer becomes a great deal trickier…

If you have any kind of data analysis task, that demands accurate results, and you need someone who can spot problems that you can’t, then don’t hesitate to hire Celia Alves. 10 out of 10 in every category.

Celia, I want to thank you personally for everything you are doing, you have really streamlined so much, and it is saving me a ton of time and repetitive entry, and allows me to spend more time on the important things (sales!)
This the second time Celia Alves does complex work for my financial businesses. As usual, excellent work, delivered on time. Her Mastery of Excel is complete and deep.