Resources to learn EXCEL

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I am running live classes on YouTube, mostly focusing on how to automate Excel reports using Power Query, VBA and other Excel features. Tune in or watch the replay to learn how you can save time at work by automating repetitive tasks.

Resources to learn EXCEL

Excelisfun and MrExcel where the first two YouTube channels that I subscribed to. Between the two of them, there are more than 5,000 videos published about virtually everything in Excel.

Excel is Fun

Mikeexcelisfun” Girvin is one of the most patient and generous Excel instructors on the Youtube scene. Throughout an exercise, he always makes sure to mention all the keyboard strokes and relevant details to consider. Even after having published over 3000 Free Excel How-To-Videos, he still talks to his audience taking into consideration that, for some viewers, it is the first time they are learning about the concept he is teaching.

Because Mike is a business instructor at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington since 2002 he has videos specially dedicated to business administration students and accountants. His videos are organized by playlists (over 100!!) to facilitate finding the content by subject. The videos cover all levels of Excel expertise, from Beginner to Advanced and explore all the corners of Excel. Mike is generous enough also to provide the Excel files to practice with each video and PDF notes.

Mr Excel

Bill Jelen explores all the corners of Excel. Besides presenting solutions for all kinds of challenges, he also explores and teaches about all the technical features of Excel. Known by his fantastic sense of humour, Bill Jellen travels all around the world to teaching Excel. He is the author of 54 books about Microsoft Excel, Power Pivot and Power View.

Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen sometimes do Excel duels where they try to find a solution to a problem. Very interesting to see how they can come up with different methods to solve the same challenge. Also, very cool to see how these two Excel Masters still get surprised with Excel features they didn’t know or ways of tackling a problem they had not thought of. This tells us we are all on a constant learning journey!

You can find the duelling playlists here and here.