The Fifth edition of Bill Jelen´s 257-page book “MrExcel 2021 – Unmasking Excel” is out!

You can get the book here:—Unmasking-Excel—PDF?cl=211017&c=ib&aff=348636

An amazing list of Excel tips and tricks collected by the long-time MVP Bill Jellen (aka MrExcel) in his 17 years on the road. Kind of addictive reading: each tip is better and more surprising than the previous one!

This book is the updated fifth edition of the book formerly known as MrExcel XL, MrExcel LIVe, MrExcel XL, MrExcel 2020. Updated with 40+ pages of new features, including Custom Data Types, LET, LAMBDA, and much more.

I had the honor of contributing with one teeny tiny tip about Power Query. 😊😉🙏