In Power Query’s properties, in Excel, we can find the “Enable Background Refresh” property, which is usually enabled by default when we create a new query. My goal with this post is to demonstrate what this property does to query refreshing behavior and explain why it is important to pay attention to how we choose to set this property in our Power Query projects.

Where can you find the “enable background refresh” property?

We can find the properties of a query by selecting the query on the Power Query pane, right-clicking on the query, selecting Properties, and then looking into the tab Usage, under the Refresh Control section.

Enable Background Refresh Solve & Excel-08

This property is usually enabled by default by Power Query when a new query is created and the loading destination is a table or “connection only.” When the loading destination is the Data Model, the checkbox for the property “Enable Background Refresh” shows unchecked and the property is disabled, not allowing the user