Different reasons might make you want to change the language in Excel. You may need Excel to be in a familiar language for you to allow you to do your work. For a training or demonstration session, you may need to change the Excel language to fit another person’s preferences.

Also, sometimes changing the Excel Language to English may enable some features that can be available for the English version only at that moment.

Let’s see how to change Excel’s language from English to Portuguese in Excel for Microsoft 365. The steps are similar if you are looking to switch between any other two languages.

These instructions were crated in Excel for Microsoft 365 on Oct 9, 2020.

Open Excel, go to the File tab, and choose Options, and then Language.

Check if the language that you want is installed under Office Display Language.

How to change the display language in Excel (Time 0_01_00;00-2)

In my case, I already have the Portuguese language installed there, but If you still don’t have the language that you need, you can click on install additional display languages from Office.com